Voice of the Dead

from by Plague Lust



The Voice of the Dead

Whispering softly from deep in her tomb
I hear it each night in my dreams
"Cast off your skin, be set free from the lie-
Mortal flesh cannot contain you"

Tormented thoughts hearing only the voice
Deaths voice known only to me
Patiently waiting in her place of rest
I must join her eternally

Writhing inside, the voice of the dead
I heed its call, when it whispers to me

A crypt in the church yard, unused for so long
I break all the locks in my way
Cut my wrists deep and I peel back the skin
Consumating my new life

The musk rises in and i'm drunk on the fumes
Tasting the air as I breathe
Now at her side, caressing my bride
What's left here is all that I need

Burning inside, compulsion driving me
I take its hand, and from her I feed


from Venereal, released September 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Plague Lust Ambler, Pennsylvania

Plague Lust was birthed from the sickly minds of five perturbed individuals with a shared love of vile and putrid DEATH METAL from the past. Featuring current and ex-members of Philadelphia area acts such as Insatanity, Morgatory, Morbid Entree, Hollenlarm, Serenity Lost and others, Plague Lust is now ready to unleash their filthy musick upon the swarming, vulgar masses. Are you infected?! ... more

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